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Solid fabric life jackets

Which life jacket do I need?

The most important thing on board is the right life jacket, but finding the right one sometimes turns out to be more difficult than expected. Water conditions, body weight, and water sports attire are all factors that influence the choice of the right life jacket. awn offers automatic lifejacketslifejackets for children and dogs, as well as solid lifejackets.


What is a solid life vest made of?

The outer shell of a solid life vest is filled with a closed-cell soft foam that provides the necessary buoyancy. In addition, the solid vests in a signal color are equipped with reflectors and a whistle to quickly draw attention in an emergency. Some vests also come with a drift anchor. In addition, solid vests convince by the fact that you can stow and transport them well in suitable bags


Buy solid life jackets

When choosing the right buoyancy of the solid life jacket, it depends on the body weight of the wearer. Included in the body weight is, of course, the water sports clothing. Our awn regatta vest convinces with its comfortable wearing comfort and is suitable for people from 30 to 120 kg.


10-year life span of a solid life jacket

In contrast to automatic life jackets, solid life jackets are almost maintenance-free. Of course, annually before the start of the season, the life jacket should be visually inspected (cracks, wear, nicksIn addition, due to incorrect storage, excessive exposure to sunlight, etc., the functionality of the vest can be permanently affected. If in doubt, you can always have your vest checked at awn.