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Life jackets for kids

The right life jacket for your child

When it comes to their children, parents don't cut corners! Therefore, the question arises whether a solid oder automatic life jacket might be better for them. What other things do I need to consider when buying? First of all, it remains to be noted that, as with adults, the child's body weight and additional clothing play an important role


What should be considered when buying a children's life jacket?

The appropriate buoyancy (N) of a life jacket is basically based on the person's body weight. Of course, not all two-, three- or five-year-olds are the same weight or size, so you can not say across the board that from a certain age the "one" life jacket is the right one. Especially since it should also be noted that many young children also wear additional diapers, which can affect the buoyancy of the life jacket.

If you are not sure, you can always ask for advice in our service team.


Solid lifejacket or automatic lifejacket?

Many parents prefer solid life jackets because they are sturdy, you can store them easily, and they require low maintenance. In any case, children should wear a solid-substance life jacket or buoyancy aid when they are near water in which they cannot stand upright.

Automatic life jackets have the advantage of inflating directly upon contact with water, immediately stabilizing the head and being faint-proof, but in return they have a higher initial cost and require more maintenance. In addition, automatic life jackets are often equipped with a harness to which you can attach your child directly to the boat with a lifebelt to prevent going overboard.


Tip after buying a life jacket

You know your child best and how safe they are in the water. An unsafe and cramped behavior can lead to the fact that the child, despite life jacket turns on his stomach, which can be life-threatening. Therefore, it is advisable as early as possible to take a swimming course with their child and get him used to the life jacket.