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Man overboard

Rescue equipment for man overboard maneuvers

Safety on board is the most important thing during an extensive sailing trip. The skipper must ensure that the appropriate man-overboard life-saving equipment is available in sufficient quantity on the boat. It is also equally important to instruct the sailors and passengers on the operation of each rescue-means and their location on the boat before the trip begins. This way, should an emergency ever occur at sea, the entire crew will quickly be able to use the available man-overboard life-saving equipment.

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Probably the best known man overboard rescue tool is the life ring. It is easy to handle and quick to use, as it is attached to the railing or pushpit ready to hand. The life ring is connected to the boat by a long line so that it can be thrown far out to the passenger who has gone overboard. If possible, the life ring should land in the water behind the person in distress so that it can be pulled back appropriately. Lifebuoys provide a secure hold by means of a circumferential grip line, are very stable despite their lightness, and offer high buoyancy. A commercial life ring is made of foam and a durable polyethylene plastic cover. The solid material of the Lifebuoy ensures good load bearing capabilities even when damaged. Lifebuoys are available in different sizes and weights. They are available in classic red and white or in orange with silver reflective stripes. As accessories there are safety kits for lifebuoys with signal lights for darkness, holders made of aluminum, lifelines and reflective stripes. Since fixed life rings take up a lot of space, they are less suitable for smaller boats.

Horseshoe life ring, the space-saving rescue means

An open horseshoe rescue ring is space-saving and easy to put on. Due to the flexible opening, it perfectly adapts to the body. If the person in distress loses consciousness, it will keep them afloat. Horseshoe-shaped life rings are attached to the stern of the boat. They are available as a set with LEDs, lifeline, a UV-resistant cover and a matching holder. The horseshoe life ring is signal yellow and made of foam with a sturdy PVC cover. A practical man-overboard rescue tool is an inflatable horseshoe life ring. It is simply thrown overboard and releases when the line is taut.

Other boat rescue devices: recovery loop, lifesling, lifebelt, emergency transmitter & floating line

The recovery loop is a man-overboard rescue device that allows easy quick recovery of the casualty by encircling him with the buoyant line and keeping him afloat by the swim ring. The rescue loop is available as a complete man-overboard rescue device in a set consisting of a life ring, rescue loop and a 20-meter floating line or as an automatically inflatable loop together with a line and bag. An excellent man-overboard rescue means is a line connection to the casualty with a Lifesling. The Lifesling II is an innovative rescue system for overboard passengers that is safe and practical to use. It is stored in a bag together with a 38-meter long line. To prevent falls into the water, Lifebelts - a harness system that is attached to the boat in conjunction with a leash - are suitable. Emergency transmitters contain GPS receivers and are worn on the life jacket or harness. They are activated when their wearer has gone overboard.

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