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Boat tables

Chairs & tables for sailboats and yachts

Every ship conveys a very special flair to crew and guests as soon as they step onto the deck. Boats of all kinds have fascinated for hundreds of years. In addition to the natural maritime ambience, the exclusive furnishings on board often inspire. Therefore, the store offers many chairs and tables for sailboats and yachts. Teak furniture for boats is also very popular among garden and terrace owners. Many models of chairs for sailboats are also popular to buy as dining chairs. Chairs and tables for sailboats and yachts in our store are made of teak as well as other sturdy woods. Tables in many sizes, chairs and stools in numerous variants and the appropriate accessories for the furniture on deck and below deck are available for large and also smaller boats. All chairs and tables for sailboats and yachts take up little space when packed and therefore find their place in the boathouse during the winter.


Teakwood furniture for boats and yachts

Teak furniture for boats has many distinct advantages over furniture made of other materials. Both chairs and tables for sailboats and yachts and stools and side tables made of teak are weather resistant and flame retardant. In addition, teak does not become slippery when wet. Our teak furniture for boats all have solid design, yet they have light weight due to the wood structure. Therefore, chairs for sailboats can be used in all areas of the boat. Tables for sailboats made of the fine teak are also lightweights compared to many other models. Durable, high-quality chairs for the sundeck are always a good investment for a boat. Therefore, before buying the chairs and tables for sailboats and yachts should also think about the design should be considered. In any case, models made of teak are only slightly susceptible to fungi and pests. Teak furniture for boats is therefore always the right decision.


Chairs for sailboats

In the store you can find many different chairs for sailboats. To choose from, all models are available in different sizes. Therefore, every boat owner will also find the right deck chair. Besides the Deck folding teak stool, which should be ready for unexpected guests, the deck steering chair is of great importance for the captain. The captain sits comfortably in his helm chair, mastering any situation on the water. Deck deck chairs are also very popular on ships of all sizes. In these deck chairs, guests can sunbathe sunbathe or enjoy the view of the open sea. Chairs for sailboats are usually selected according to individual needs on board.Tables for sailboatsOur range of teak furniture for boats also includes the tables for sailboats. Depending on the size of the sailboat, folding tables or even cockpit tables made of the noble teak wood are available. Teak hardly weathers, but changes color over time due to sun and weather. Wooden sailboat tables impregnated with cleaning products will get a rich color that further accentuates the maritime ambience on board.