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Windscreen wiper

Buy windshield wiper for marine needs at awn

In 1903, Mary Anderson received the patent for the first working windshield wiper in the world. Since then, a windshield wiper consists of a wiper blade, a guide arm and a drive. The wiper motor, partly made of stainless steel, provides two speeds at an adjustment angle of 45 to 110 degrees.

The drive is available with different axle shaft lengths for different arm and wiper blade lengths. The wiper arm, made partly of stainless steel and fiberglass-reinforced polyamide, allows adjustment of lengths and angles. The so-called J-hook connection is suitable for almost all commercially available wiper blades. Nowadays, the wiper blades are made of neoprene material, embedded in painted steel and have the function of pushing away the rain and spray drops on the windows from the outside for a better view.