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Sun protection for boats

An effective sun protection for boats is especially important because the water reflects the sun's rays. The sun's rays and also UV exposure are therefore particularly strong under and above water. A sun sail for yachts and boats is a basic investment for a successful stay on board a boat. Sun tops for boats are also very popular with guests and captains.

The skin is a very sensitive organ. Damage caused by sunburn, the skin almost never forgives. Therefore, in addition to a sunscreen with a high protection factor, the sun sail for yachts and boats is important for every boat trip. Even on cloudy days, sun exposure on board is intense. The biminis for motorboats are also increasingly common on many small and larger motorboats as sun protection.

Sun sails for yachts and boats

On the deck of a yacht, any sun protection is useful. Therefore, simple sunshades for sailboats are also a good choice. But a sun sail for yachts and boats not only protects from the sun's rays. Sun sails are 100% waterproof and therefore also protect against rain. Due to the high-quality material, sun sails can also be used as rain sails. UV protection is integrated in all materials of modern sun sails. In addition to sun sails, sun tops are popular for boats because they are easy to set up and take down. Sun-tops are popularly installed on open boats. Like the sun sails, the sun tops for boats are water repellent and also provide good protection against the aggressive UV light.

Biminis for power boats

A good sun protection for boats is now standard equipment. Biminis for powerboats are available in different sizes for all powerboats. Biminis are mounted on the open boat with multiple braces, similar to sun tops for boats. The tarps are UV resistant and water repellent. They can withstand even a rain shower and always look sparkling clean. The sturdy biminis for motor boats come in 2 and 3 struts. They are attached to the boat hull with clamps and joints. All designs of biminis are as quick to set up as the sunshades for sailboats. The lightweight models usually have struts made of aluminum. Also optically appealing stainless steel models are also commercially available. There is a suitable bimini for every powerboat.

Sunshades for sailboats and yachts

The simplest sunshade for boats is the sunshade. Within just a minute, it can be stretched over the open deck. Similar to the sun sail for yachts and boats also offer. the sunshades for sailboats offer a good UV protection. Unlike the biminis for motorboats, the sunshades are not attached to the boat by bracing in opposite directions. They are mounted like a normal sunshade on land with simple linkage, fastening strap and clamping lever. Parasols for sailboats are available in many classic and fashionable colors. The materials of the umbrellas are water-repellent, just like the sun-tops for boats. Therefore, they can also be used as rain umbrellas. UV protection is standard for both large and small sunshades on board. Not only are they quick to set up, they are just as quick to take down. When folded, they take up little storage space on board.