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Hatches & Windows

Boat windows

Boat windows let light through, allow the bunk to be ventilated and often even have to be walkable. At the same time, however, the windows have to withstand all the demands of seafaring. For example, windows for boats must be made of robust, water-resistant materials and be water-repellent even when open. Of course, professional installation is also essential for boat windows. Also the various fastenings must ensure the highest level of safety during installation. Hatch covers should fit snugly to their base when closed, completely covering any weak points such as screws.

Durable boat windows in various shapes & dimensions

Once there were always circular portholes on boats. can be found, but now the boat windows exist in all possible shapes and sizes. There are rectangular, round or even individually adapted to the boat windows. Besides the size of the window there are also different glass thicknesses. The windows can also be tinted and the frames powder coated. The installation can also be also vary and can, for example, be installed using threaded screws. Boat windows with clamping systems do not require additional drilling. When it comes to materials, there are several options to consider. For the frames, anodized aluminum or aluminum or stainless steel. The windows are usually made of acrylic glass or polycarbonate. However, windows for boats also differ in their properties. Due to their circular shape, portholes prevent torsion and optimally carry the load in the event of sea strikes. On the other hand, rectangular boat windows generally provide a clearer view. In addition, there are both fixed windows and those that can be opened continuously. The windows can often be opened up to 180° and locked in various positions. Positions lock.

Fitting accessories for boat windows

There are various accessories for boat windows that can be very practical. For example, if you want to leave the window open during a summer night and still be spared from pesky insects, you can mount a mosquito net. In order to still have a clear view when needed, removable mosquito nets are recommended. There are also mosquito nets that keep the insects out even when the hatch is open. In addition, various blackouts can can be very useful. Here, many different systems come into consideration. There are nets that can be attached to the window with suction cups, or even permanently installed blinds. Some blackouts not only not only shade, they also reflect the warming rays of the sun to the outside.