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In addition to small boxes of individual types of screws in a packaging unit of 4 up to 10 pieces per box, we offer seven different assortment boxes, with the following types of screws: The classic machine or threaded screw is suitable for the materials metal, wood and plastic. The special feature of the threaded screw is that it requires a suitable mating thread. Special requirements arise when, for example, a screw must be countersinkable in the material. The countersunk screw, with its triangular head shape and a countersunk drill hole, offers the possibility (when the screw is tightened) of sinking completely into the material, for example into a floor. Wood screws, on the other hand, are usually made of steel or brass and are suitable for screwing into wood materials. But be careful: from 7 mm it is advisable to pre-drill to avoid cracks in the wood. Sheet metal screws are used for screwing sheet metal materials, as the name suggests. Monell rivets, however, mainly consisting of an alloy of copper and nickel or made entirely of steel, are popular when environmental conditions are strenuous: high possibility of corrosion, for example, by sea water or lighter types of acids and alkalis.