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Grinding tools

The awn toolbox with its special texture of EPP base material is the first to fall into this category. The material prevents scratches and unsightly dents on your teak deck due to its high shock absorption. At the same time, this material is buoyant, water resistant and oil resistant. The case weighs about 7 kg and the description of the contents can be found in the product description. The space miracle fits in every back box! Another space miracle is the telescopic ladder with its rubber feet. Fully collapsed, it measures only 70 cm in length. And vice versa, fully extended, it offers a safe stand at over 0 m. Also worth mentioning is the platform ladder, which, with its light weight and easy handling, can be quickly set up as a working platform. Other useful hand tools include, for example, the paint scraper with spare blades to remove paint, varnish and rust.