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Anodes are small but extremely important companions of shipping. Who likes to drive an old rust bucket? Briefly explained: due to the electrical conductivity of water, immersed metals such as stainless steel, brass, etc. rust, although they are supposedly rust-free in air. Anodes prevent this. For example, you protect your engine by regularly checking the anodes  in or on the engine. Because if the anodes are eaten away and not renewed, electrolysis can cause considerable damage to the engine - up to and including total loss.

Because all components of a ship made of metallic objects are subject to electrolytic corrosion in water. This decomposition process can be effectively countered by installing sacrificial anodes on the hull and other components in the water, such as shaft and rudder systems.
As a general rule, a large anode does not protect more than a small one, only longer. You should replace the anode as soon as it no longer has sufficient anode material. In practice, this means that the anode should be replaced when it has reached about 75% wear. In addition, you should always ensure a clean metallic contact between the anode and the component, and never paint over anodes.Which anode is the right one?

If you are driving in fresh water, we advise magnesium or aluminum anodes. If you are driving in salt water, anodes made of zinc are recommended, and in brackish water, anodes made of aluminum.

Always keep an eye on your anodes. Some wear and tear is desirable, as this is evidence of adequate protection. If your anodes remain after considerable time in the water, shiny as when you bought them, they may be mounted in the wrong place or simply not the right ones.

Important: Renew the anodes regularly, even after long dry periods.