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Boat tools

Tools for boats and yachts

Both in port and on the high seas, the right tools on board can make many jobs easier. Every boat is exposed to high stresses in salt water and also above water. Natural wear and tear, dents and scratches after minor accidents, and numerous other causes can necessitate repair with good boat tools. With the right tools on board, many blisters can be repaired by oneself.

The maintenance of a boat can also be supported by the crew and the owner with simple tools. The boat will always look its best with good maintenance with high-quality tools. The right tool ensures safety on board.

Sanding tools for boats and yachts

When making basic repairs to a boat, the first operation often involves grinding the bottom and walls. The following top quality tools are needed for sanding: Sandpaper, hand sander, sanding sponges and a dusting cloth. The tools for sanding are available in different thicknesses. These papers are divided into grits so that the appropriate tool can be used for each surface on board. For fine finishing work, tools with a low grit are used. This ensures that each surface is subsequently flat and smooth again. After sanding, a putty knife is used to fill any remaining imperfections. Polishing floss is used in place of sandpaper after filling. In addition to this tool on board, search magnet and paint scraper are always useful. The final coat of paint is completed with simple tools. Paint rollers, paint tubs and brushes of various sizes are used to paint the deck and hull. The quality of the tools is important for all work. Only the best tools on board also create first-class work results.

Screws and hand tools

Every boat owner knows - there is always something to do on the boat. That's why the awn webshop offers, among other things, a wide selection of screws and hand tools such as a caulking gun, paint scraper and putty knife. No matter what you need for your toolbox, you'll find it here.