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Boat care & cleaning

The boat care

A visually appealing yacht in the harbor is a real eye-catcher. The owners of a ship can be proud of the attention they attract with their well-kept boat. Many ships are ideal maritime motifs for photographers. But a boat will only remain a beautiful sight in the long run if boat maintenance is carried out carefully. Thorough boat care does not have to cost a lot of time if it is carried out regularly. After each trip, the boat should be inspected for minor damage due to the effects of salt water, dirt and strong sunlight. With a few means, scratches and other blemishes can be removed as part of boat maintenance. Both deck and hull above and below water need the professional boat care to stay seaworthy. The modern means for boat care are all environmentally friendly and harmless.

However, when it comes to boat care, wearing work gloves is the right decision. A long life of the sailboat begins with the perfect boat care and also boat cleaning.

Paint and varnish work for boat care

A sparkling clean boat delights captain and guests. But boat maintenance is more than just a nice deck and clean cabins. Many boat care resources are available for the area of the boat that is visible above water. Varnishes, paints and matching primers are available to choose from. Boat care brands that have been tried and true for decades continue to evolve. Therefore modern paints are also environmentally friendly. Many manufacturers of boat paints offer not only classic, but also modern shades for painting yachts, dinghies and boats. Boat care is always also an individual decision. Most paints are sold in the color white. There are also many means for proper boat care for the underwater area of the boat. Filler for small cracks and antifouling products provide in the boat care for the waterproof ship. Boat care is always also maintenance.

Hull and deck repairs for boat maintenance

All the utensils needed for boat maintenance are available in the store. Boat care starts with waterproofing with resins and fine fillers. Gelcoat and boat varnish round off the boat care. For emergencies, there is boat care for the road. Sail repair tape enables carefree sailing. In addition to the products for complete boat care, the store also offers the necessary tools for boat care. For without brushes, rollers, spatulas and sandpaper, the high-quality means for boat maintenance can not be used effectively. Small boat repairs are done by many captains themselves. However, an emergency package is also a good help on the great voyage for the craftsmen in foreign countries to put the ship back to sea with the modern boat care.

Known brands of boat care items

Boat care, like any care in life, starts with high-quality care products. Therefore, many well-known brands are represented in the store with their care products. The latest boat care from AWNHempel, Vosschemie, West System and International is always the right choice For a beautiful ship. primersantifouling, fillers for cracks and scratches, and boat paints are available in a wide selection in the boat care category. Boat care also includes sealants that make the boat seaworthy. The resins, gel coats and varnishes are among the high quality boat care in the store.

Every vessel deserves a first class boat care on land and water. Boat care is a matter of course for all captains.