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Primers for boatpaint

Primer for boats and yachts

Primers, often also referred to as primers, form the lowest layer of paint on a boat and are applied directly to the building material. Primers initially serve as the first protective layer. At the same time, primers ensure that the layers that follow later, such as antifouling and decorative layers, adhere better. The uniform surface formed by the application of primers also contributes to a particularly uniform and bright color appearance of the paint layers.

Depending on the substrate, primers for boats must be applied in a different number of coats to be complete and cohesive. When painting boats or yachts, about 80% of the effort should go into preparing the substrate and applying primers. This makes it clear how important the choice of a suitable product and the careful application of primers are here. So when it comes to primers for boats and yachts, it pays to go for branded products from reputable manufacturers, because poor primers will always be recognizable even after the paint job is complete. In addition, an insufficient or uneven primer leads leads to very limited durability of the paint, so that it becomes brittle and flakes off more quickly. Primers thus provide the all-important foundation for a durable, protective, not to mention bright and rich paint job that boat owners can be justifiably proud of.

Product properties of primers for boats

In addition to the classic wooden boats, today you can also find yachts and boats made of numerous other materials. The choice of materials ranges from cast iron and lead to aluminum and steel to modern composite materials such as GRP and CFRP. The materials predominantly used today, i.e. mainly the composites as well as steel and aluminum, are characterized by high rigidity and a very immovable surface. With these materials, most primers for boats from different manufacturers can be used. However, for safety, each manufacturer also specifies in its primers for boats for which materials the respective products are suitable for. For wooden boats, the construction method plays a not insignificant role in choosing the right primers. 2-component systems cannot be used for solid wood constructions in clinker or Karweel design. Since the wood swells or shrinks depending on the moisture content, flexible primers, 1-component systems, must be used here.

Various applications of primers for boats

Primer for boats are used for different purposes. Depending on whether they are to be used above or below the waterline, different products may need to be chosen. The applications of primers for boats are many and varied. They serve as barrier primers and adhesion promoters, form the basis for subsequent painting as undercoats or help protect against corrosion and osmosis. Information on which primers are suitable for which purpose can be found in the descriptions or product data sheets.

Primer for boats - brands at awn

Because of their meanings, products from well-known and reputable manufacturers should be used for primers.

The Danish brand Hempel has been in existence since 1915, with nearly 100 years of experience in the manufacture of coating materials making Hempel one of the most important manufacturers of primers for sailing yachts and motorboats. Primers from Hempel are waterproof primers with excellent adhesion properties for stable sealing of boat hulls. Even longer than Hempel, since 1881, the International brand has been on the market and is known for innovative solutions in paints and primers in the boating sector. The company offers primers for boats for both underwater and above-water use. 

The Coelan brand has been produced by the Coesfeld-based company KEMPER SYSTEM GmbH & Co. KG since the merger in 200Coelan offers special primers for boats made of hard or soft woods. These are available in colored glazing in yellowish or reddish pigmentation for light or red woods, respectively.

Last but not least, as a manufacturer of primers for boats and yachts, the private label awn should not be forgotten. When it comes to primers, awn has focused on a primer paint for overwater use.