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Spar varnish

Boat paint for boats and yachts

The summer is once again moving into the country and many want to launch their boat and go sailing in nature or just spend a few nice days on their yacht. Disappointed, one often finds that the boat paint is also no longer the latest. The last time new boat paint was applied a few years ago and meanwhile the boat paint needs to be renewed. But the question arises, which boat paint is suitable for my boat, because not all boat paint is the same. There are numerous differences and various requirements that are placed on boat paint. It is not only the color that plays a role in boat paint, but also many other factors, such as UV protection or good paintability. The awn Online Shop offers a wide range of boat varnish, so that everyone is guaranteed to find what they are looking for.

Different requirements for boat paint

Basically, it is crucial for boat paint to protect it from salt water while being very durable and weatherproof. In addition, a high quality boat varnish is resistant to incidental UV radiation. A good boat varnish can also be identified by the varnishing process. A good varnish seals quickly, so you have much less work to do in the overall varnishing process and often more enjoyment of the result. Consistency also plays a role. If the boat varnish is too thick and difficult to apply from the start, you should definitely advise against it. A good boat varnish spreads evenly on the boat almost by itself and dries quickly. It is also important to know whether the paint is to be used for underwater or above water. For the underwater area we recommend the 2-component varnish< with exceptionally long holding and abrasion resistance. For the above-water area, the 1-component varnish can certainly be used. In general, the following applies: apply the varnish in several layers.

Application areas and product properties of boat paint

The demands on boat varnish are of course also related to the material that is to be painted. This can be wood, metal or even plastic. Therefore, one should pay attention when buying, for which material the favored varnish is suitable. The question of whether the boat varnish will be used indoors or outdoors is equally crucial. These are precisely the variables from which the best individual boat paint can be found for the corresponding application. can be found. Should the boat varnish be matt or rather glossy, is the main aspect of a new boat varnish on a caring effect for wood, for example, or is it primarily a matter of good color coverage. If one is aware of the use, one can make oneself purposefully on the search for the suitable boat varnish.

Naturally, there are price differences in boat paint just as with other paints. But high-priced does not always mean high-quality. In our assortment you will find the most suitable boat paints for you at reasonable prices.

Varnish from Owatrol, International, Epifanes and many more

The boat varnish from Owatrol has a relatively high oil content and is therefore very productive. He has nevertheless a very good opacity and also a high caring character. The products from Epifanes are just as well-tried and available at fair prices. In addition, we still carry boat paint from the brands CoelanHempelInternational and Le Tonkinois