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Paint accessories

In this category you will find paint rollers with corresponding paint roller brackets, brushes, paint tubs and stirring woods. There are special paint rollers for water sports. In addition to large paint rollers with high paint absorption and lint-free paint release for rough backgrounds, nylon rollers, also called radiator rollers, are very popular because they apply paint to smooth backgrounds without linting with a long pile. If you are working with solvent-intensive acrylic paints, the paint muddying rollers are particularly suitable, as their high, green-colored foam quality allows bubble-free paint application. If air bubbles do appear, the Yachtcare deaeration roller is used to remove inclusions. The most popular color roller among water sports enthusiasts is the mohair color roller. Its top quality results in a particularly fine surface finish. Solvent-resistant and lint-free, this roller is suitable for both epoxy resins and antifouling. All rollers are available with the corresponding paint roller brackets in addition. Special types of brushes for the water sports enthusiast are, for example, the wide paint brush for even application and sizing of paints, but also gel and topcoat. Foam brushes in various sizes are ideal for smoothing paint freshly applied with a roller. The foam brushes are also called orange peel preventers. Paint tubs and mixing sticks are available at attractive prices. We wish you good luck!