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Boat paints & boat varnishes

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A boat means a lot of fun and joy. However, also a lot of work and maintenance, so that it is always in good shape. It is made of many different materials that require different care. Caring for a boat starts with the choice of paint and paint

Higher demands on paints and varnishes

Boat paint and varnish should be chosen wisely, as they must meet much higher standards than products for the home and yard. The paint is permanently exposed to salt water and UV radiation. In addition, the paint and varnish layers must be highly resistant to abrasion. There are other selection criteria that should be considered when buying the paints and varnishes.

To prevent you from slipping

The water can quickly make it slippery and slippery on the deck of a boat. You should also pay attention to this when you give your deck surface a new coat of paint. At awn, you can get anti-slip additives for paints and varnishes from various manufacturers. You simply need to sprinkle the anti-slip additive into the varnish or paint and stir well. Now you can start painting and enjoy the non-slip surface later.

Wide selection of thinners

Thinner, as the name suggests, is used to thin paints and varnishes. Varnishes are usually somewhat thick. This reduces the spreadability and you get a different work result than you might have imagined. In addition, it also cleans the working material. In addition to paints and varnishes, awn also has various thinners in its range. The developers of the thinners have of course also paid attention to salt water and corrosion resistance. Therefore, the various thinners at awn are ideal for use on the boat.

Always an optimal primer

Whoever wants to achieve an optimal result when working with paint and varnish, should provide after the sanding and filling work for an appropriate primer

Varnishes for the boat

Varnishes for the exterior of a boat must meet the highest requirements, as they are permanently exposed to wind and weather. Thus, the awn premium boat varnish provides protection against weather damage. The UV filter in the varnish prevents aging and ensures lasting gloss and color retention. For painting the interior of the boat, Epifanes' Silk Gloss Varnish is suitable. It is a fast-drying one-component silk gloss varnish based on polyurethane alkyd resin. The varnish is particularly resistant to alcohol and household chemicals.

The right tool for all work

You will find the right tool in awn's store for all the work that has to be done on the boat. This is the only way to ensure that you achieve the best possible result. In our shop you will find brushes, paint rollers and paint tubs for working with paints and varnishes.