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Antifouling on boats and yachts

Antifouling is a term that plays a major role in boating. The settlement of sessile organisms such as mussels, barnacles and barnacles on the hull of a ship is called fouling.

These organisms have the ability to stick to even very smooth surfaces. Fouling on the hull of the boat not only increases the weight of the boat, but also the flow resistance during navigation. As a result, the boat makes slow progress and fuel consumption increases at the same time. In addition, damage to the hull is also possible. Accordingly, fouling means high economic damage for the operator of the boat.

The awn Online Shop offers a wide range of antifouling products. Antifouling products are applied to the hull and prevent sessile organisms from attaching in the future. At the same time, antifouling paints also improve the coefficient of friction. In the past, antifouling products were mainly used, but their environmental compatibility was not clearly positive. With awn's products, you can be sure that only the latest and at the same time environmentally friendly products from renowned manufacturers such as Hempel and International are sold.

Different antifouling products

The awn online store carries a wide range of antifouling products from a variety of brands. It should be noted that not every antifouling product is suitable for every application. The type of fouling and the form of fouling depend very much on the waters in which the boat is used. The antifouling product to be used depends on the water quality and temperature. The pollutant load of the water is also an important factor influencing the choice of the right antifouling product. A distinction must also be made between fresh and salt water. There is no single antifouling product that is equally suitable for all applications. Therefore, it must be carefully weighed which antifouling product is best suited for the specific case.

In addition to the body of water in which the boat is used, the construction materials of the vessel, the average sailing speed, the sailing time and the processing of the hull also count for the selection of the right antifouling product. For example, there are special self-grinding antifouling products for boats that move a lot. We are happy to advise you with our expertise for choosing the right antifouling.

Antifouling from Hempel, International and VC

Top brands for antifouling, which we carry in our online store, among others, are Hempel and International. Both suppliers have different antifouling paints for different applications in the range. There are hard-antifouling and soft-antifouling.