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Propeller & Propulsion Antifouling

Why an antifouling for propeller and drive?

If propellers or sterndrives are to be provided with a new antifouling, the requirements are somewhat different than for the classic boat hull. Due to the high revolutions, there are correspondingly strong currents that the coating must withstand. For this reason, there are special propeller antifoulings that take these conditions into account. 

Propeller antifouling as a practical spray

Since drives are sometimes characterized by hard-to-reach places, the use of antifouling sprays is a good idea. With a spray can, the painting is not only easier from the hand, but it can also be treated angled places optimally. However, if you would rather reach for the brush and paint, this is also possible.

Propeller antifoulings are also available as self-polishing or hard antifouling