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Dehumidifiers for Boating Prevent Mold, Spak, and Musty Odors on Deck

If you leave the windows and hatches on your vessel open a crack during winter storage to create forced ventilation, the desired air circulation always brings moisture with it. This can make it all the more effective to accurately seal the interior spaces. Room dehumidifiers help you avoid mold growth, spak on the upholstery and musty odor on board or corrosion on the board electronics

Dehumidifiers available as granules or as Drybag in the awn online shop

We offer two different techniques. On the one hand, the so-called Drybag: in it are small, orange-colored silica gel beads, which in their absorber function absorb the moisture from the air in liquid form and keep it with them. A 1 kg Drysack absorbs 750 ml of liquid. When the liquid capacity is absorbed, it is held, but nothing else is absorbed. Therefore, the Drybags do not need to be placed in additional collection containers. The silica gel beads fade completely in color when they absorb nothing more. However, this admittedly somewhat more expensive version of the Drybags pays for itself immediately, because this is a reusable and therefore environmentally friendly product. Drying the silica gel pellets in a 130-degree oven, they regain their orange color and are ready for the next use.

Dehumidifier granules bind the moisture in the air

The second technique of room dehumidification offers granules, usually made of calcium chloride. This salt binds the moisture in the air, turns the humidity into a thicker liquid, and this then drips into the collection container provided for this purpose. 1 kg of granules removes up to liters of liquid from the air, which then rests in the collection container. Granules we offer as PVC bags or loose granules with appropriate room dehumidifier box.