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Polishing & Abrasive Pastes

Polishes and waxes for boat care

Yachts and boats are exposed to special external environmental conditions. As a boat owner, you want to maintain the value of your boat, so regular regular care is a matter of course. The appropriate boat care products can be ordered inexpensively from AWN! We offer a wide selection of cleaning and maintenance products. After all, your boat should receive only the best care. Our selection of polishes and waxes is specifically designed to meet a variety of marine needs. For every surface we can recommend the optimal Product recommend.

Boat waxes to seal

Our boat waxes offer long-lasting protection against external influences such as salt water, UV rays, generally all, the material towards, harmful environmental influences. Our premium products are suitable for all Plastics, gelcoats, paints and metals. Our waxes are optimized boat sealers that are applied with minimal effort and provide correspondingly durable long-term protection against new dirt.

Rubbing and sanding polish for boats

Fine abrasive polishes allow the removal of heavy dirt and the polishing of small scratches. In addition to spot minor damage, weathered plastic surfaces can be color refreshed and renewed

Color wax for boat hull and surfaces

Special color waxes are used by professionals to clean and seal colored surfaces. The miracle product covers scratches and conceals fine color differences. Our maintenance products are available with or without abrasives, depending on requirements, and are therefore also suitable for blue-painted surfaces and gelcoats. We will be happy to advise you by phone and assist you in choosing your optimal maintenance product.

Teflon polish for boat and boat surfaces - Premium Polisher

Modern polishes and care products, so-called Premium Polisher, offer extreme long-term protection due to the Teflon they contain. Applying and processing the polish is child's play, a basic cleaning of the boat surfaces should be carried out beforehand. You get absolutely smooth, decidedly dirt-repellent and shiny surfaces that please the eye.

Consultation on boat care and polishes

awn offers you as a boat outfitter for every requirement the right care product. Very gladly we advise you individually and support you in the selection of the optimal care products for you. Contact us by e-mail, gladly with photos, let us call you back for an appointment. We look forward to welcoming you as a satisfied customer.

awn - Your boat outfitter with tradition

awn is a boat outfitter with over 250 years of tradition. So it is hardly surprising that there are over 22,000 items in the store. In addition to cleaning products and -tools you can also get outboards, navigation equipment, clothing and rescue equipment in the store. Browse online and find exactly what you need for your boat.