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Womens casual wear

Maritime women's fashion

Since Coco Chanel, maritime women's fashion is on everyone's lips, not only on the jetty and on the yacht. Striped shirts, anchor prints and embroidery, and garments in navy, red and white have been popular for generations. Whether for water sports, leisure time or for a vacation on the coast - with maritime fashion for women, the woman of today is always well dressed. Coco Chanel was the one who made maritime women's fashion socially acceptable at the beginning of the last century. On a trip to the sea, she discovered her preference for comfortable and easy-care jersey fabrics as well as the striped tops worn by sailors. A casual yet chic leisure look was born with the maritime fashion for women and is to this day from the fashion world can no longer be imagined without.

The striped shirt is considered the epitome of maritime women's fashion and is worn both as a classic T-shirt, longsleeve and polo shirt with pleasure. In addition, it is flat boatshoes, ballerinas, Capri pants and cardigans in the typical colors, which are essential for the maritime fashion for women.


Known brands of maritime fashion for women

Numerous fashion brands have now specialized in maritime fashion for women. Their collections always include pieces of maritime fashion for women. Labels like SEBAGO or Ocean One rely on water-repellent fabrics for their women's maritime fashion so that the clothing is seaworthy. Nevertheless, elegance is not neglected in women's maritime fashion: manufacturers such as Helly Hansen are famous for their distinctive designs, patterns and colors with which they provide their maritime fashion for women. In addition to striped shirts, chic, lightweight blouses, vests, jackets made of softshell as well as shorts are in the range of women's maritime fashion. The garments can be excellently combined with each other, which is extremely useful, especially when traveling. After all, the maritime fashion for women should be fun - both in fashion and practical aspects.


Maritime women's fashion meets functionality

Maritime fashion for women is not only a visual eye-catcher and is fully on trend, but it is also functional. Most manufacturers use water- and wind-repellent fabrics, so that the maritime women's fashion can be worn without hesitation when sailing and on the high seas. In addition, there are garments that are warming or cooling thanks to the material used. This is especially advantageous for female water sports enthusiasts. For many athletes, it is crucial that women's maritime fashion is lightweight and hardly impairs freedom of movement. Jackets and vests are therefore often made of nylon and lined with a material that also has a low weight. Shirts, blouses and longsleeves must be breathable, which is why cotton is popular with manufacturers. For pants, materials with a stretch content are often used. They fit very well and you can move much better in them. On land, women's maritime fashion is less practical. Here are decorative details such as embroidery or accessories such as belts or jewelry in the trendy anchor design not to be missed.