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Waterproof Bags

Waterproof bags & containers

Whether for cell phones, clothing, cameras or important documents, sailors and boaters are always in need of waterproof bags and containers. They make it possible to take electrical and other sensitive items on board and to be able to change wet clothing for dry clothing when needed. Moreover, most waterproof bags and totes not only protect their contents during heeling, storms, and rain, they are even leak-proof during full submersion. Thanks to numerous designs, sizes and formats, utensils can be stored appropriately on board according to your wishes and equipment.


Backpacks, panniers, travel bags & Co.

Depending on your plans and needs, certain waterproof bags and duffel bags are better suited for safe storage. For example, a small waterproof bag may be enough on a summer day trip, while much more storage space is needed for a longer sailing trip. Therefore, there are numerous waterproof bags and totes available in various sizes, shapes and construction methods. Ocean One, for example, makes waterproof hip bags that make it possible to keep belongings close at hand while still keeping your hands free. Waterproof pack sacks, such as those made by Gill, provide enough space for clothing and shoesbackpacks and bags also have various divisions, side pockets and compartments, so that the utensils can be stored practically and orderly. The backpacks, travel bags, panniers & Co. can have very different capacities such as 20, 60 or even 100 liters volume and can therefore be used in a variety of ways.


No more wet socks

Waterproof bags and containers are not only very useful for boating, they are also used for numerous other activities. For example, if you want to really enjoy a kayak trip, you need a waterproof bag. Only in this way is it possible to eat something during a break on the shore, take photos with a waterproof stowed camera on the way and change clothes in case they get wet. Backpackers use waterproof containers and bags not only to protect their utensils from rain or when crossing bodies of water, but also to avoid penetration from dust and sand in rather dry areas.


Protecting belongings from moisture

In addition to waterproof bags, there are other practical containers that provide protection for a wide variety of items. These include, for example, plastic barrels in several sizes. In these, provisions can be stored in a food-safe manner or equipment can be stowed waterproof on board.