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Steering wheels

At the helm and full speed ahead

Standing at the helm to enjoy the wind and waves does not only mean for leisure captains a feeling of freedom and freedom. Especially the classic steering wheel made of mahogany, as known from large sailboats, figuratively conveys the special feeling of life on the sea.

Rudder wheels for the classic or modern captain

Whether classically elegant or top modern, Steering wheels are available in many different variants and designs. The type and size is not only dependent on personal taste dependent, also the kind of the ship determines the execution of the Steering wheel.

Solid wood or stainless steel steering wheels

Especially when sailing, a relatively large steering wheel facilitates the Handling. In particular, steering wheels that are too small require a high effort during turning maneuvers and can not optimally transfer the power to the the rudder system. If you stand at the helm for a long time, you will feel the will notice the strain and the effort after some time. For reasons of space, however, sailors usually have to opt for a smaller rudder. for a smaller rudder, but you will find a solution for this problem in our our online store a solution. In addition to different diameters, steering wheels are also available in different designs with spokes or ring. The diameter and the respective material also determine the grip. Stainless woods are by nature very grippy and lie comfortably in the hand, steering wheels made of plastic and metal Steering wheels made of aluminum and plastic are particularly suitable are particularly well suited for sport boats, inflatable boats and small Motor cruisers suitable. Here, both size and weight play play a major role in the selection of the ideal steering wheel. The small practically no load on the steering mechanism and can even be steered with one hand. and can even be steered with one hand. Plastic and stainless steel are also materials that are not affected by salt water and humid air. and humid air. The relatively small boats also lack the space for a large steering wheel. a large steering wheel. However, because the design of the entire steering system is different rudder system is designed differently, only a little effort is needed for the Steering required.

Elegant and cutting-edge design

In addition to the classic steering wheel made of precious woods such as mahogany, you can find You can also find steering wheels in modern designs in our online store. Also material combinations of wood and stainless steel in the typical look with six or even just three spokes are available here. Steering wheels on motorboats and yachts high demands are made on steering wheels on motorboats and yachts, so the material used material used must meet these special conditions. A good wheel should be both stable and resilient, as well as withstand the weather conditions and the salty sea air. Especially the modern steering wheels made of stainless steel or aluminum meet these requirements and are also light and handy.