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Sailing goggles

Sailing is one of the most beautiful sports on the water. But water can also be very dangerous in combination with the sun. Not only a sunburn on the skin can become unpleasant. The eyes also suffer from the sun's rays, which are still reflected by the water. Therefore, there are special sailing goggles that protect against the harmful UV rays. These sailor glasses must fit perfectly. They must not slip and should still fit comfortably. The ultimate sailing pleasure is only possible with high-quality sunglasses for sailors. Therefore, every sailor wears well-fitting sunglasses. In the store you can find first-class sailor glasses and sunglasses for the sunbathing on deck. Floatable sunglasses are also a sensible investment for many sailors.


The range in the shop

Buoyant sunglasses are not lost in any situation on board or in the water. Therefore, these sailor glasses are particularly popular. The manufacturer Gill offers a wide range of beautiful models of sunglasses for sailors. The Classic model buoyant sunglasses feature 100% Polaroid non-fire polarized lenses. The entire field of vision is completely enclosed around the eye area closed. Gill's Spectrum, Tactic and Speed sailor's goggles also inspire on board and on the high seas with scratch-resistant lenses. So sailors and guests with the sailor glasses can keep the optimal overview despite intense sunlight.


Sailor glasses for women & children

In the store, however, are not only available for professional men's regatta sailors robust and suitable sailor glasses. Also for children and ladies are beautiful models from the house of Gill to buy. Children who often play boisterously in offshore waters are well catered for with scratch-resistant sunglasses for sailors. These buoyant children's sunglasses sit perfectly on the nose at every moment of fun and games. So sensitive children's eyes are protected all around with the Squad kids' sunglasses from Gill protected. The sailing goggles for ladies are equipped with the same features as the men's models. Only the design varies. Therefore, the Reflex and Sofia models belong to the sailor glasses that are also popular on land. Sunglasses for sailors are part of the basic equipment of old and young sailing fans.


Sailor Sunglasses Accessories

There are numerous accessories for every pair of sunglasses for sailors. Both when wearing and storing, the high-quality sailor glasses should always be used with the original accessories. Therefore, the Gill hardcover eyewear box is the best choice for storing the sailor glasses. An eyewear strap from Musto and Gill brands will protect all the sailor glasses from loss. While the goggles fit perfectly on the Nose when they are worn. But when shopping ashore at the dockside store, sunglasses are quickly left on the counter. The loss is great when the glasses are then missing on board in bright sunshine. A glasses strap on which the sunglasses can be worn casually around the neck like a chain is the perfect solution for any valuable glasses.