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Sailing gloves & their properties

Not only for professional sailors, sailing gloves are part of the absolutely indispensable equipment that should be carried on every sailing boat


Different types of sailing gloves

The product range of sailing gloves is extremely wide and depends on the particular requirements of different sailing trips. Among the manufacturers of sailing gloves in the store are the brands GillMusto and AWN


Sailing gloves made of neoprene

Neoprene sailing gloves are more than just windproof and waterproof sailing gloves. Due to their high thermal insulation capacity, they keep the fingers warm even when wet and therefore functional and are therefore indispensable, especially in cold climates. However, neoprene sailing gloves are hardly breathable and quickly lead to sweating at high temperatures. Tip: If you want to keep it especially warm, you can put winter sports gloves over the neoprene sailing gloves. Due to the rough palm and the excellent water-repellent properties, snowboard gloves are best suited for this.


Waterproof sailing gloves

Waterproof sailing gloves are especially important for helmsmen, as their hands are most exposed to wind and salt water in rough seas. Good helmsman gloves are characterized primarily by. Wind and water resistance and tend not to be designed for working on board. Waterproof sailing gloves can be made of both neoprene and leather. With leather, the breathability is higher, which improves the wearing comfort. Proprietary developments, such as the Amara synthetic leather available from awn, retain their suppleness even after drying. Other practical features of waterproof sailing gloves include an extended shaft that also warms the wrist and prevents water from seeping into jackets by providing a stable fit for the waterproof sailing glove, or cotton or terry inserts on the thumb that can be used to wipe salt water from the eyes. Tip: Leather sailing gloves should always be bought a little too tight, as the leather expands when wet.


Sailing gloves for children

A diverse selection of sailing gloves is also available for young sailors. The fit of the children's sailing gloves is adapted to small hands, otherwise both the neoprene sailing gloves and the deck gloves perform the same protective functions, as the gloves of adults.