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Metal Care

Buy metal care for the boat in awn Online Shop

In the caring treatment of metal, we distinguish between cleaning agents with different degrees of hardness and subsequently applicable polishes or greases. Before the actual cleaning process offers a rust remover, which is impressive in that you spray the liquid on the spots and wait without having to scrub or rub it, as rust drops and flash rust deposits detach.

When it comes to cleaning agents, we distinguish between quick and easy cleaning with, for example, Star brite Boat Guard for lighter dirt. The corresponding Starbrite cleaner with wax, Star brite Premium, dissolves deeply penetrated dirt films. For oxidation that has already severely broken out, we recommend Star brite Heavy cleaner without wax, which contains biocide.

Treated surfaces reduce water resistance

The polishes that can be applied subsequently differ, on the one hand, in what metal is to be polished. There are polishes for chrome and steel, for brass and bronze or for aluminum. Secondly, some of these cleaning and polishing agents contain the Teflonlike PTEF. Almost nothing sticks to surfaces treated with products containing PTEF for a long time, leaving them shiny and very important for us water sports enthusiasts: the treated surfaces reduce water resistance.

Reduce friction and wear on metals with winch grease

Some metal parts on board are often located at the water's edge, such as the winches