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The speedometer is also called speedometer or log. The system consists of a display unit and a speed transducer. In motorboats, the transducer is often mounted on the stern (stern transducerDue to the design of sailboats, the stern is usually not in the water, so here the transducers must be mounted through the hull (breakthrough transducer/p> Speed display digital on the display in knots or km/h

The driving current drives the impeller or a paddle wheel, in which one or more magnets inside a coil generate an electrical voltage.Speed is displayed digitally on the display in either knots or kilometers per hour. Daily distance traveled can be displayed in knots or kilometers per hour. The total distance is displayed in nautical miles or kilometers.

But of course only the speed through the water is measured, for navigation the current must be taken into account.

The speed over ground is obtained by GPS.If the speedometer is networked in the data bus, for example, NMEA 2000 or NMEA 0183 with the wind measurement system, you get the true wind direction and true wind speed. But even before the electrics and electronics on board took hold, sailors were already able to measure the speed of a ship with the help of the so-called railing log.In the mid-19th century, Thomas Ferdinand Walker built the Patentlog also called the Walker Schlepplog, in which a impeller is suspended from a flexible shaft and pulled behind the ship. Via the rotation, a counter displays the mile passed.