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Wind direction indicator

Wind direction indicators, or also called Verklicker, show either by an arrow or a flag the wind direction without a degree number. For degrees, you need a so-called wind gauge.But especially with changing wind directions, the Verklicker is an important aid for the sailor to always adjust his course or set the right sail position.

Normally, Verklicker are mounted at the top of the mast. Depending on the boat class, also in the lower mast area or at the front of the bow. On smaller catamarans, the clicker is often mounted at the lower end of the forepeak.

Another option is the so-called shroud clickers, which are also hooked into the shrouds or backstay at sight height. For finer steering and better sail adjustment, the trim threads, also called tell-tales, are a tried and true means. These are attached at various heights of the luff or leech of a sail. The best known manufacturers are Windex, Hawk, WindPE(Niro Petersen), Pfeiffer and TeloCat(Davis