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GRP Cleaner

GFK cleaner for boats

GFK boats are a durable and robust investment, but they also require some care. Regular cleaning and maintenance is essential to keep the boat in top condition. An important part of cleaning is the use of special GRP cleaners. 

Why use GRP cleaners?

GFRP is a very tough and durable material, but it can be damaged by intense environmental conditions such as salt water, sunlight or dirt. To avoid this and keep the boat in top condition, regular cleaning with special material and surface cleaners for boats is important. GRP cleaners remove dirt, oils and debris that build up on the surface of the GRP boat. They ensure that the surface remains clean and smooth.


What are the advantages of GRP cleaners?

On the one hand, the use of GRP cleaner prevents dirt and debris from settling on the surface of the boat. On the other hand, the cleaning agent for boats ensure a smooth surface, so that the water resistance is reduced while driving higher speeds are possible. In addition, a GRP cleaner will protect your boat from UV rays and salt water. For an optimal finish, a subsequent treatment with a boat polish is also possible.


How is GRP cleaner used?

The use of GRP cleaner is not very different from the use of household cleaning products. First, you should wash the boat thoroughly with fresh water to remove coarse dirt and sand. Then, spread the GRP cleaner evenly with a sponge or brush for boats.

Note: Be careful not to let the cleaner soak in too long.