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Built-in compasses

Installation compass

Without a compass you do not get far on a boat, because despite GPS and electronic navigation, the compass, whether as an installation compass or classic hand compass, is mandatory on all larger boats.

Depending on the type of boat, different requirements are placed on a built-in compass. On a powerboat, the compass must be able to withstand shocks and vibrations, while on a sailboat, on the other hand, it should still function properly even in a sloping position. The position of the built-in compass also depends on the type of vessel. On sailing yachts, for example, the built-in compass is usually inserted in the steering column. On yachts and dinghies, on the other hand, the built-in compass is located directly on the bulkhead. Depending on the model, the built-in compass also has various additional functions. For example, compasses for installation in the bulkhead can be read from two sides or they are additionally illuminated. In the meantime, many manufacturers also offer electronic built-in compasses with digital display, which are primarily a fixed component of larger yachts.

The advantage of a built-in compass

Even in bad weather and high swell, the classic hand compass has some disadvantages to offer. The hand compass is difficult to use with wet or clammy hands and also the measurement of the exact location position can only be done with limitations. The built-in compass, on the other hand, can be read easily in any position and always has a secure place on the steering column. The special conditions on a ship place high demands on practically all devices on board. A compass must therefore also be able to withstand weather conditions, salty sea air and temperature fluctuations. A good built-in compass should therefore be robust yet accurate to guarantee safe navigation and orientation. In addition, a compass should be easy to read even in low light. Many of these devices are therefore equipped with additional lighting. Another practical feature of a built-in compass is that it is always located in the same place. So no one has to look for the compass when it is urgently needed. Whether on short trips or longer boat trips on the high seas, a good compass must not be missing on any boat.

Famous built-in compass manufacturers

In our online store, we have a wide selection in the field of built-in compass ready. Famous brands like Silva and C.Plath complete the offered assortment with their popular products. Thus, built-in compasses from Silva are characterized by high quality and ease of use. The Swedish company has been producing various types of compasses for yachts, motorboats and also specifically for regatta and motorboat racing for many years.

The Hamburg-based company C. Plath, for example, is also one of the leading manufacturers in this field with its built-in compass C.Plath Merkur S-R incl. Cube. This special spherical compass can be used flexibly and is suitable as an installation compass as well as for mounting or attachment. A solid construction and the internal cardanic suspension ensure a quiet and accurate display - even in stormy weather.