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Oils & Greases

Oils and lubricants buy in awn Online ShopOil and lubrication play a major role in keeping an engine running well. Oil provides an important barrier to prevent metal-to-metal contact and provides the necessary cooling properties for internal components that are exposed to high operating temperatures. Lubricants reduce friction and heat buildup in the engine, extending its life and lowering maintenance costs.

Our product range includes:

1) Oil for boat engines

There are different types of oil, and there is a lot of information about which type to use. Oil is measured by viscosity, with common values being 10W, 30W and 60W. Oil can be made in different ways, such as specifically for diesel or gasoline engine oil, so it should be ensured that the oil grade matches the engine type. Each engine manufacturer provides information on the ideal oils for their engines. Oil grades are linear units of measurement in this regard, giving you an idea of how much dirt and grime the oil can handle before it should be replaced.

2) Oil filters for boat engines

Oil filters ensure that the oil that lubricates your engine stays clean. Oil filters are an important part of an engine because they protect it from dirt, dust and other contaminants in the oil. Oil filters also keep the engine running smoothly by allowing only clean oil to flow to the engine. If any of these things get into your watercraft's engine, it could seriously damage or destroy it. Filter checks and changes along with oil changes are one way to ensure that the propulsion system is supplied with fresh, clean lubricant to keep everything running smoothly.

So checking the oil filter at every oil change is a good idea. Oil filters need to be changed after a certain number of hours of operation anyway, depending on the brand and type of filter used in your engine.

3) Lubricants other than oil for boat engines

Some lubricants, such as certain greases, are not oils, but they behave similarly in that they serve similar functions in a engine, albeit in different places. There are many parts to lubricate and boat engines can get very old if care with lubricants is not neglected. Including lubricant treatments in your inventory will provide better protection against wear and tear and increased reliability for all moving engine components.

Lubricants are fluids or lubricant compounds used to lubricate mechanical parts that are not protected with engine oil. The lubricant can be directed through a lubrication system to these areas of the engine where available. For "classic" outboard engines, manual labor is still the order of the day. This is best done with the proper gloves

Boat engine oils and lubricants advice onlineDo you have questions about which oil is the right one for your boat engine? In our oil guide we give you important tips and recommendations.