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Oil Extraction Pumps

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An oil suction pump is a specially sealed pump that sucks the used engine oil directly from the oil pan. It has a collection tank or a connection for a drain hose and a suction hose. The hoses can be replaced and suction nozzles can also be added.

Hand-operated oil extraction pumps do not require electrical connections, but this also means that they require more physical effort. Still, they are very easy to use and no electrical current is required near the engine. This eliminates a potential hazard that could come from sparks and fuel vapors, for example.

For rapid extraction of up to three liters per minute, electric pumps are a practical solution for larger volumes. Be sure to read the operating instructions carefully and only operate these electrical devices in safe environments with good ventilation.

Oil suction pumps are mainly used for routine engine oil changes when the boat is not at sea. It also requires a container for the old oil and a way to remove the spilled oil. Some oil extraction pumps have catch basins so good that you can also transport the oil in the pump for disposal. Also, choose an oil extraction pump that is large enough for the amount of oil you expect to remove.

Some tips:

  • Insert the suction hose carefully and make sure it doesn't slip out when you start pumping.
  • Pull the hose off carefully and clean it as you pull it out. Do not throw any cleaning utensil that has come in contact with oil into the regular trash.
  • Do the oil change when you also have the time to properly dispose of the oil and cleaning utensils.
  • Change the oil filters as needed.