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The barometer is part of the standard equipment on seagoing ships. It is used for weather observation. The barometer measures air pressure in hectoPascals (hPaThe normal pressure on the earth's surface is 1013 hPa. All values below this are called low pressure areas, the values above this are called high pressure areas.

The regular observation of the air pressure is very important on board, in order to recognize changes in time if necessary. This measurement result should be recorded by means of a barometer.

With the help of the adjustable pointer of a barometer one recognizes changes of the air pressure. A further development of the barometer is the barograph. This automatically records the values over certain periods (usually a weekKnown models are, for example, the NASA Meteoman or the Mörer weather box WIBE.

When air pressure falls rapidly, strong winds or even storms must be expected. If you need advice on barometers or barographs, we are happy if you ansrepchen us in our stores or contact our service by phone or mail.