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Fuel Tanks

Buy fuel tanks in awn Online Shop

Built-in tanks are either made of polyethylene with appropriate strengthening grooves or stainless steel, the so-called Niro tanks. The shapes of the built-in tanks are designed either horizontally or more vertically, with different tank volumes between 35 and 70 liters.

A common feature of all built-in tanks is a flange plate, which is used to attach various connections, for example, for removal, for venting or for the installation of a fuel dispenser. We offer this fuel sender either in the mechanical variant with cork and metal linkage, in order to indicate the filling level of the fuel or in an electronic variant as a tank sender of OceanTec, which measures the resistance in ohms and indicates the filling state on a digital display.

As an accessory, there are the filler necks made of precious metal, which are provided with a screw cap and a key. To filter out dirt particles and any water from the fuel before it ends up in the fuel tank, the fuel funnel made of plastic, which filters out all dirt particles with a built-in stainless steel filter.

Large range of different fuel tanks

Furthermore, we offer different fuel canisters, usually made of the UV-resistant polyethylene, usually colored red, in the liter volumes of 12 and 25 liters capacity: on the one hand, the versatile Scepter tanks for almost all outboards usable or the Mercury tank for almost all Mercury outboards

Fuel can accessories consist of various fuel tank connectors, fuel hoses and pump balls with valve to supply fuel to outboardselegantly.

Last but not least, we would like to mention the Birchmeier gasoline canister, which, with its capacity of 6 liters and its metering knob for controlling the flow of fuel, makes its contribution to universal applications.

If you have any questions about which tank is right for you, please feel free to talk to us directly in our stores or contact our service department by phone or email.