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Canoe & Kayak

Kayak as boat accessories

Canoe, kayak and Canadian - these terms all belong in the world of boats Depending on the size of the boat, several paddlers can travel together. The paddler sits in the kayak with his legs outstretched. He gets through a small entrance to his place and paddles with a double paddle alternately left and right of the boat in the water. In this way he also controls the direction of travel. The kayak is available for one or two persons. For longer trips, kayaks with storage space for luggage are suitable. The canoe is a popular accessory on larger ships for small tours and trips along the coast.

History of the kayak

The English ensured the spread of the canoe throughout Europe in the 17th century. Today, canoeing is a popular sport that is practiced on both calm and wild waters. Canoeists from all over the world compete in torrential streams. Canoeing has been an Olympic sport since 199White water is a special challenge for kayak enthusiasts. Each body of water demands different qualities and skills from the riders and paddlers. Canoeing is one of the most versatile sports.

Different types of kayaks

There is a suitable boat for all water sports enthusiasts. From the family kayak to the recreational kayak to the sports kayak, the offer ranges. The sea kayak is best suited for river walks and for discovery tours along picturesque coasts. Rocks, beaches and green hills inspire young and old on vacation. Also anglers and campers use the small, practical boat. The shapely canoes are available as single- and multi-seaters. The canoe is particularly suitable for beginners on the water. A canoe is quickly launched and the tour on lakes and rivers can begin. The canoe is an uncomplicated boat that almost any sports enthusiast can steer well with little practice and thus promises plenty of water fun.

Proper equipment aboard a kayak

To make the trip in a canoe a complete success for beginners and avid paddlers, there are plenty of accessories for every trip. In addition to sturdy paddles and double paddles made of carbon or aluminum, there are also the matching footwear in many sizes. Light, thin shoes are the right choice for any tour in a kayak. However, shoes should have solid soles and reinforced toe guards to prevent stones from the water ground do not press on the feet. Both paddles and shoes for canoeing can be found in the store in a wide range. As a rule, paddlers can also do without shoes. In any case, normal shoes are unsuitable, as they are a burden when capsizing. A lifejacket can also be a life saver for even good swimmers in emergencies.