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SUP Boards

SUP boards are now available in many varieties. The affordable SUPs from awn's exclusive brand Ocean Fun offer a selection for the whole family. Lighter users and children get along very well with the SUP "BlueKids" very well. For good handling and a and a higher carrying capacity, adults should rather choose the model "BlueAllMen and women who need maximum buoyancy to be able to paddling over longer distances, we offer the "BlueFamily" model. model "BlueFamily", which offers good straight running due to its length. offers. SUPs of the Ocean Fun series come incl. backpack, paddle and air pump. So you can start right away. Do not decide only because of the color or design for a board. Deal length, width and volume of a board and ask yourself how sporty you are how athletic you are and how good your sense of balance is. sense of balance is. Width: Boards usually come in widths between 63 and 80 cm. Thereby the narrower the board, the faster it is, but at the same time it is also more more tippy. Length: Longer boards run a little faster and better straight. With it more paddle strokes can be made in succession on the same side. can be made. If you are planning longer trips, go for the longer alternative. alternative. Volume: With a higher volume, the buoyancy increases. With a trained balance, you can sometimes opt for a smaller board. decide. However, if you are just getting your first SUP, have no practice yet no practice or are planning longer tours with additional luggage, then you reach for the larger variant.