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ABUS Padlock: 24IB/60


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Product number: 901157
Weight: 0.25 kg

ABUS padlock, round shape plus narrow shackle opening makes access with pry tools difficult. Made of stainless material. Shackle diameter: 8 mm.

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ABUS Padlock 70IB45
- Encapsulated encased lock body - Protective cap in front of the locking mechanism- Lock body made of brass,shackle made of stainless steel,internal parts made of 100% stainless materials- Shackle Ø: 8 mm- Security Level:5

ABUS Padlock 180IB/50
- With adjustable code  - Lock body made of forged brass    - 100% stainless, shackle made of stainless steel, internal parts made of  stainless materials    - Double locking    - Precision lock mechanism with additional measures  to protect against tampering Dimensions(WxDxH): 53 x 25 x 75mm / shackle Ø: 8mm

ABUS Padlock T84MB/30 T
- 3 keyed alike padlocks/4 keys- Padlock body and shackle made of solid brass- Internal parts made of stainless materials- Shackle Ø: 5 mm- Security Level: 3

ABUS padlock 75IB/50
- Body made of solid brass, chrome-plated - Shackle made of hardened steel- Shackle Ø: 8 mm- Security Level:7

ABUS padlock 83WPIB/53
Brass lock body completely encased with protective cap in front of the locking mechanism to protect against water and dirt. Stainless steel shackle.Dimensions:- Lock width: 4mm- Shackle width (inside dimension): 2mm- Shackle height (inside dimension): 2mm- Shackle diameter: mm