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awn signal whistle


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Product number: 320589
Weight: 0.01 kg

Signal whistles can be a good way to draw attention in an emergency and are mandatory for participation in DODV regattas. The awn signal whistle complies with DIN EN ISO 12402-/p>

Color: orange

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Plastimo signal horn Trump
Small and compact - and yet it works like a big one: the signal horn \"Trump\"! The clear continuous signal is generated by the vibrations of a thin plastic membrane. This vibration is generated by blowing into the designated hole on the side of the horn. If the sensitive plastic membrane tears during use, you can replace it with any plastic foil. The comparatively small size allows you to have the signal horn \"Trump\" always with you, even on smaller trips.length: 195 mm

awn signal flag chain
A super nice decoration: the awn signal flag chain, which contains all signal flags - letters, numbers and auxiliary flags - strung together in colorful order! The flags are made of sturdy polyester and particularly strong colors!The signal flag chain measures a total of about 10 meters, the individual flags about 14 x 22 cm.

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Signal cone
This signal cone has several advantages: It is large and therefore highly visible (dimensions: height: 47 cm, width at the bottom: 33 cm, width at the top: 4 cm).In addition, it is made of black plastic and very robust.And most importantly: The signal cone is foldable, which means: When not in use, you can take it apart and store it in a space-saving way.According to SeeSchStrO, the signal cone must be placed with the tip down at the bow of the ship to signal that the boat is sailing during the day under engine and sail at the same time.