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From Kehlheim to the Black Sea - with the sport boat on the Danube

Ten countries, three estuaries, 2860 kilometers of winding waterways - no other river lets leisure captains and motorboat drivers see and discover as much as the Danube. On the second longest river in Europe, you will sail at a leisurely pace past vibrant metropolises and sleepy little villages, picturesque stretches of countryside and cultural monuments visible from afar.

To ensure that you don't lose sight of the way between numerous locks and the crests of the waves of the large freighters, this handy guide to the area should not be missing on board. Travel journalist Melanie Haselhorst and cartographer Kenneth Dittmann accompany you in it from Kehlheim in Lower Bavaria to the Danube delta on the Black Sea and are at your side with plenty of information and helpful tips. So you plan your own Danube trip in detail and are prepared for everything on the way.

Explore the Danube by boat

Follow the course of the Danube with the authors and get to know the diversity of its riparian states:

- Germany from Kehlheim to Jochenstein

- Austria from Esternberg to Hainburg

- Slovakia from Devin to Sturovo

- Hungary from Komárom to Mohács

- Croatia from Batina to Ilok

- Serbia from Bezdan to Prahovo

- Bulgaria from Vidin to Silistra

- Romania from Nera to Sulina including Danube Delta

- Ukraine from Reni to Vilkovo

The practical river maps help navigate and show locks, Refueling stations, berths and bridges including clearance heights. Detailed maps of numerous ports point the way to supply and service facilities. Danube vacationers will also find all the important sights along the approximately 2400 kilometers of the river.

Discover one of Europe's most beautiful cultural and natural paradises from the water. This detailed Danube guide with practical maps offers everything you need for a successful boat tour on the Danube!

Author: Melanie Haselhorst, Kenneth Dittmann
Circulation: 3rd, completely revised edition 2019
Dimensions (LxB): 24,6 x 17,9 cm
ISBN: 978-3-667-11230-9
Number of color photos: 396
Number of pages: 328