Delius Klasing German Inland Waterways 8 Oder and Peene


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This new volume in the series German inland waterways from Delius Klasing covers the rivers Oder and Peene. The Oder from Eisenhüttenstadt to Szczecin including the Havel-Oder waterway as a feeder and the Peene from Malchin to the Peenestrom are presented. Color maps in handy DINA4 format show the course of the waterway in detail and guide the skipper reliably from port to port. Informative texts, warnings and sailing instructions, port descriptions and information about the local infrastructure provide the user with all the necessary knowledge to navigate the described waters safely. The color maps show in detail the course of the rivers including kilometers, all bridges with clearance heights and all locks with sizes. Ports, marinas and moorings, refueling stations, bunker boats, tide gauges and ferries as well as prominent structures on land or facilities are marked by pictograms. The text section provides information on the nautical data of the waterways, water level, locks, VHF radio, passage heights, maximum speed and refueling stations. In addition, there are numerous informative texts in the maps, which are also available on the enclosed CD-ROM. This chart volume is supplemented by a CD-ROM with a PC navigation program for inland waters, which not only shows the charts of this work on the monitor, but also considerably facilitates cruise planning and practical navigation on board. Color guidance system for simplified information finding Warnings and sailing instructions in the maps with detailed descriptions of most ports and moorings with contact details, notes on local infrastructure, etc. with information on the localities: Historical, tourist, etc. Photos of ports, places of interest, interesting stretches, etc. Includes CD-Rom with digital maps and navigation program.

Dimensions (LxB): 22,2 x 29,7 cm
ISBN: 978-3-667-10167-9
Number of color photos: 312
Number of pages: 92