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The Yachticon SUP Board Care 250 ml cares for and protects your beloved inflatable SUP board. Stand-up paddle boards are not an inexpensive affair, so it can be all the more disappointing when your SUP board gives up the ghost after a few uses. With Yachticon SUP Board Care at hand, you have the longevity of your board in your own hands. 

Yachticon's cleaning agent, specially designed for SUP boards, provides lasting protection against sunlight and the associated UV rays. Quickly, the material of your board can be affected by external environmental influences. The care polish counteracts any weathering, chalking and fading

Even though the Yachticon SUP Board Care 250 ml was designed specifically for SUP`s, it is universally applicable for flexible materials, such as PVC or similar. It also removes light soiling and prevents new soiling. With regular use, the life of your board can be drastically increased and improves the appearance.

Note: Should be applied after use and before winterizing.

Should your SUP board need a foundational cleaning, take a look here:

Yachticon SUP Board Cleaner 250 ml

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Yachticon SUP Board Cleaner 250 ml
The Yachticon SUP Board Cleaner 250 ml is one of the few, proven cleaners in its field.Whether fixed or inflatable  SUP boards, the cleaner from Yachticon makes their stand-up paddle board in a whole new shine. In contrast to the hard top SUP`s, the inflatable SUP boards, by transport, are exposed to additional dirt and grime. The specialty of this cleaner.The Yachticon SUP Board Cleaner is very gentle on the material and furthermore extremely effective