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QL Sound insulation panels ( self-adhesive ) ( 20 mm )


Content: 5 Quadratmeter (€6.00* / 1 Quadratmeter)

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Product number: 550961
Weight: 1.3 kg

Thanks to this sound insulation panel, annoying engine noises will be a thing of the past in the future!

The insulation effect of the insulation panel has been specially adapted to the noise frequency and noise level of marine engines, which means: it ideally reduces the volume of this engine. Of course, the sound insulation material complies with the new fire safety regulations (according to ISO 3795), and the oil-resistant protective film on the surface of the board, in combination with the foam material, ensures that the sound insulation board can withstand temperatures of up to 200° Celsius. In addition, the protective film makes the surface easy to clean.

The panels come in 500 x 1000 mm size and are available in three thicknesses (20, 30 and 50 mmYou can also choose between self-adhesive and non-adhesive soundproofing panels.

Dimensions (LxB): 500 x 1000 mm
Execution: self-adhesive
strength: 20 mm