Navi Safe flexible rod with suction base


No longer available

Product number: 212943
Weight: 0.48 kg
This flexible and bendable rod with suction cup is designed to securely attach the Navi Safe Navi Lights with magnetic base. The quick release suction cup detaches with just one push of the lever and holds on any smooth and flat surface. In addition, the suction base can be quickly attached to another location on the boat. For example, the flexible rod can be mounted on the steering console or on the windshield. The suction foot also adheres to canoes and kayaks with a smooth and flat surface.

  • Self-adhesive plastic mounting plate Ø = 75 mm for secure mounting on rough surfaces
  • Size: L = 68mm, H = 157mm
  • Weight (net): 80 g

Color: black

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