Hella Marine Starboard Lantern 2984 with white housing


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Product number: 210983
Weight: 0.225 kg

The navigation lantern from Hella Marine is a starboard lantern of the 2984 series with white housing. The housing and lens are made of impact resistant plastic. The position lamp is UV resistant and has a combined screw or flat plug connection (3 mm/p>

Admission: A-16, IMO, Maritime NZ, USCG
Base: BAY15D
Color: white
Voltage: 12 V
antimagnetic: 1
impact resistant: 1
seawater-resistantance: 1
suitable boat length: less than 20 m in length
type: Starboard side lantern

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Hella Marine port lantern with white housing is from the 2984 series and is intended as a navigation light for watercraft up to 20 meters in length. The position light has a screwless housing fastener with snap-in mounting. Many features, such as seawater resistance, help make Hella Marine position lights very durable and wear-resistant.

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