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CTEK charger MXS 5.0


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Product number: 213562
Weight: 0.48 kg

With the MXS charger from the Swedish manufacturer CTEK you have a compact and sophisticated charger with temperature compensation, which is powerful and more convenient to use. Whether maintenance charging over the winter season or charging large consumer batteries, at CTEK you will find the optimal device for every application. CTEK chargers are easy to use. It can stay on for a long time with gentle pulse maintenance charging. CTEK battery chargers are approved for outdoor use. In addition, the devices do not produce sparks and are protected against wrong connection and short circuit.

Technical data: Input voltage AC 170-260VAC, 50-60Hz, output voltage Nominal: 12V, efficiency 85%, ambient temperature -20°C to 50°C, at higher temperatures the output power is automatically reduced. Battery types 12V lead-acid batteries (open, MF, AGM and GELHousing protection class IP 65 (splash-proof and dust-proof, outdoor use allowed).

Battery capacity: 1.2-110Ah
Charging current (max.): 0,8/5 A
Charging voltage: 14.4 V; 14.7 V; 15.8 V nominal 12 V
Dimensions: 145x61x38 mm
Temperature range: -20 °C up to +50 °C
properties: even better due to thermal charge current
protection class: IP65

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