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CTEK charger M15


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Product number: 210528
Weight: 2.2 kg

With the new 12V/15A battery charger from CTEK, you can now charge lithium-ion batteries in addition to lead-acid batteries. The 8-stage high-frequency charger with pulse charge retention function is suitable for all 12V lead-acid batteries; i.e. open and maintenance-free batteries, non-woven/AGM batteries and gel batteries. The device analyzes the battery condition and revives sulfated batteries.  Thanks to the RECOND mode, stratified batteries are revived and thus have a longer service life. In night mode, the device switches to silent operation. Other features: Non-sparking and designed for outdoor use, no damaging galvanic currents. 

Battery capacity:Lead acid: 28-300 Ah, Lithium-ion: 20-280 Ah

Included 4m charging cable with M10 ring terminals, m power cord. With lithium mode for LFP batteries (LiFePO4) and temperature sensor..

Temperature range: -20 °C up to +50 °C
Voltage: 12 V
loading current: 15 A
model: M15
properties: 4 m long charging cable, 5 years warranty, 8-stage high frequency charger with pulse charge maintenance function, AGM, calcium and wet batteries suitable., Temperature sensor included, also for lithium ion batteries
protection class: IP44