TREADMASTER paint Treadcote ( blue )


No longer available

Product number: 511262
Weight: 1 kg

The Treadcote coating is used to refresh the color of older Treadmaster coating. Very easy to apply. Containers of 1 liter sufficient for a maximum of 7 square meters of surface. Painting should only be carried out in dry conditions and at a temperature between 10 °C and 25 °C. Good ventilation should also be provided. Good ventilation should also be given. 


  1. Before the painting process, remove all dirt and contamination from the plate and delimit the plate to be painted, for example, with an adhesive tape from the rest of the deck.
  2. With a brush, you can now apply the paint and work the grooves between the patterns.
  3. With a paint roller, you can now smooth doe surface. Be sure to protect the cabin walls from paint splatters!
Color: blue