OceanTEC Batteries ( 145 Ah )


Available, delivery time 1-3 days

Product number: 210805
Weight: 34.88 kg

Good and powerful batteries on board a ship are not only a guarantee of comfort, but rather belong to the safety-relevant equipment.

The OceanTEC batteries are ideal for quick engine start and just as suitable for the supply of the 12 volt on-board network - of course at the awn savings price! Due to the increased vibration resistance, the batteries are ideally suited for rough operation on board and, thanks to the use of a double lid, where no electrolyte can be lost, also absolutely maintenance-free.

The low self-discharge of only 4% ensures, while avoiding deep discharge, a long life of the battery.

Capacity: 145 Ah
Product height: 217 mm
Product width: 189 mm
product length: 513 mm