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OMNIA oven top


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Product number: 211621
Weight: 0.97 kg

Omnia is a practical and small oven that allows you to bake and make casseroles on the go: directly on the gas flame, with the spirit stove or on the stove top. Effortless, cheap and space-saving, you can prepare everything you can bake in a regular oven. Perfect for the boat, the camper, camping, the allotment and other places where an oven is missing. The Omnia consists of three parts that together make a small oven with both top and bottom heat. A sophisticated design that is very easy to use and has proven itself thousands of times. The camping oven is primarily designed for an open flame, but it also works great on a regular electric stove top. However, then baking takes 25-50% longer. The mold is similar to a cake pan. This is where the ingredients are poured into. It is made of aluminum and holds 2 liters. The mold should always be well greased and sprinkled with breadcrumbs during baking. The base is made of coated sheet steel and is placed with the center hole just above the flame. The lid closes well and is provided with small ventilation holes. It also has enough headroom for cakes and breads to rise. -Dimensions: Ø 250 mm -Capacity: liters -Height: 70 mm -Total height: 140 mm -Weight: approx kg

basic material: aluminium