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Fire Knock Out


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Product number: 201314
Weight: 1.7 kg

The FKO FIRE KNOCK OUT is considered THE revolution of a fire extinguisher because the product activates itself as soon as it comes into contact with fire. It is therefore a very effective means to fight fires as quickly as possible. Since the FKO FIRE KNOCK OUT fights an originated fire directly when it arises, there is only limited consequential damage.

Thanks to its low weight of kilograms, it is also possible for professional users of fire departments, police and others to throw or roll the FKO FIRE KNOCK OUT from a safe distance into the source of the fire. It is approved for fighting Class A, B, and C fires. 

Thus, the FKO FIRE KNOCK OUT is best able to fight fire sources in unmonitored spaces such as boats, but also offices, living quarters, garages, cars, caravans, storage sheds, electrical boxes, fuse boxes, or stables. 


  • Product activates itself on contact with fire.
  • Product displaces the oxygen around the source of the fire.
  • The finely nebulized extinguishing liquid cools the heat source.
  • The added retardant limits or, in the best case, prevents a new flare-up.

The FKO FIRE KNOCK OUT can be stored for 5 years, provided it is visually inspected regularly. Delivery includes dowel and screw for mounting on the wall.

  • Dangerous goods: UN 3072, Class 9
  • Effective volume: approximately 3 to 4 cubic meters
  • Dimensions: 390 x 260 x 220 mm

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